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St. Lois of the Gentle Hands

After a childhood of chaotic, urban noise Lois began a lifelong pursuit to slow everything down. Choosing to dabble in all forms of alternative lifestyle, she spent time with the Bag wan, Reverend Moon, Werner Ehrardt, and the Buzz Aldrin Community Singers. Eventually her search landed her in India where she lived on a diet of rice and flies. Over time, she eliminated the flies and then the rice, proclaiming herself to be a full-fledged Breatharian. Upon returning to the U.S. Lois teamed up with entertainer Dick Gregory, another Breatharian to found the Fresh Air Catering Company. St. Lois now lives in Arizona and works as a political consultant. Politicians come to her home in the desert for "the laying on of the hands" that grounds them and helps them with honesty issues.